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Lethal Lace Universal Ladies Holster - Nude

Lethal Lace Holster

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Lethal Lace Universal Ladies Holster
This holster can be worn on any location of the body: ankle, calf, thigh, waist, hip, back, chest, under the arm, bra-style...
This is a universal holster that will fit sizes XS to XL; waist size 42" and under.
Extra Long will fit a waist size larger than 43". Extra Long is $4.00 extra.
It is 5+ holsters for the price of one. 
This holster is non-weapon specific and can hold any size handgun.
The material is extremely strong and durable, yet beautiful and feminine. It does not lose it's elasticity over time.
Washing Instructions: hand wash and air dry; or machine wash on delicate in garment bag and air dry.
It is about 92" in length. It has 2 pockets, one for the firearm and another extra pocket for carrying extra magazines, concealed carry permit, small personal items, other self-defense items, etc. 
There is an included neoprene foam pad in the firearm pocket to be used as added cushion, or can be removed for less bulk and more concealment.
This holster will conform to the needs of the user.
**Please Read Disclaimer/Hold Harmless Below Video Before Purchase**

Californina Resident WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and Butyl Benzyl phthalate (BBP) which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm. For more information go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov/ 
Video Instructions for how to wear the Lethal Lace Holster can be found on the YouTube Channel: LETHALLACE

Disclaimer: Guns are dangerous. You are responsible for gun safety and gun retention. Guns can cause serious injury or death. Keep guns out of reach of children and anyone who should not have access to one. Lock up all guns when you are not using them. DO NOT depend on your holster to keep your gun from an unauthorized person. Never handle any gun unless you have passed an appropriate, accredited firearm safety course, and know how to safely handle the gun. Use caution when putting the gun in the holster and when removing the gun from the holster. The instructions should be followed for putting on the holster. Keep any gun whether it is unloaded or not in a safe direction. Use an unloaded gun to check your holster for proper fit and function. It is IMPERATIVE that the lethal lace holsters are worn TIGHT ENOUGH to hold the firearm firmly in place. If you feel as though the fabric is coming loose, or the firearm has moved position, it is your responsibility to readjust said firearm and holster immediately! These holsters can be worn with the handle of the firearm outside of the fabric/lace for quick draw, or inside for maximum concealment. It is more secure when covered. A suggestion for women would be to gently pull the fabric/lace down to expose the handle of the firearm when they are in most need of quick access for self defense - such as walking to their car at night. Before using any holster, be sure that you are totally familiar with the safe way to draw and holster your handgun. It is advised to put your handgun into your Lethal Lace holster pocket BEFORE wrapping and securing around the body to ensure a more secure hold. An attachment, change, or modification including but not limited to a grip adapter, trigger shoe, extended or modified hammer spur, extra-long safety lever(s), target-type thumb-rest grips, or special trigger or trigger pull can make your gun unsafe to shoot, carry, holster, or draw. Any manufactured product will wear out in time, or could become damaged or defective. Should your holster become defective, worn, or ill-fitting - cease use immediately! Be very careful when you draw and holster your gun. Be extremely careful that there is nothing in the way of the trigger guard when holstering or drawing, as this could cause accidental discharge. Never put your trigger finger on the trigger when you holster or draw your gun. Never try to cock a handgun while it is in the holster, as you may accidentally fire the gun. Make sure you do not accidentally cock the gun when holstering. After holstering, ensure secure fit, then make sure you have not accidentally moved the safety swith or magazine release button. Practice drawing your handgun under stress, but never practice with a loaded gun. Be sure you can prevent accidental loss of your gun during physical activity. The holster must fit tighter for more vigorous activity such as jogging. Be sure you can keep someone else from removing the gun from your holster. It is your responsibility to make sure you can properly use your holster. Never carry any gun with a round under the hammer, a round in line with the firing pin, that is cocked and loaded, or in a ready to fire position unless the maker of your gun states that you can safely carry it this way and you are specifically trained and certified to safely carry it this way in your holster. Carrying a gun in any of these condition increases the risk of accidental discharge. If your gun is equipped with a safety switch, always move the safety lever or button to the "safe"position before you holster. No one can make a holster secure enough to completely prevent another person from removing the gun against the user's wishes.Practice weapon retention technique. As the user, you must be ever conscious that your gun is VERY SECURE, and if not, READJUST IMMEDIATELY.
Lethal Lace, LLC makes no representations and disclaims any responsibility, expressed or implied, with respect to the manner or consequences of product use. The implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and all other warranties, expressed or implied, are excluded and shall not apply to the product sold. Determination of fitness or suitability of any holster is the responsibility of the user. User assumes all responsibility to use these holsters in a safe manner in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. All instructions and warnings should be read and understood by the user before product use. GOVERNING LAW: In the event of litigation both parties agree that the Law of the State of business registration of lethallace shall apply and both parties shall consent to the jurisdiction of said State's courts, or in the event of diversity of citizenship, the United States District Court for the (District). Both parties expressly waive a trial by jury.
By Purchasing This Holster, you also agree that the above Hold Harmless Disclaimer applies for BJ's Western Store.