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Vines Fitting Chart

Vines Fitting Chart

They fit "true-to-size" to narrow. 

Q: Do Vines run "true to size?"
A: Vines Islandwear sandals run "true-to-size" to small/narrow. If you are a half size, we suggest rounding up. If you have a high or higher arch or a wide or wider foot, move up a whole size. Many women can wear multiple sizes depending on the style and preferred fit (a tight hug vs more wiggle room). Unless they have a narrow to average foot, most women who traditionally wear sizes 9 and up can move up a whole size without issue for more breathing room.  Using the slip knots, our sandals can be slightly adjusted to best fit your foot size & shape.  

Q: Do all Vines styles fit the same?
A: Vines designs are adjustable and designed for comfort, however not all feet are the same!  To choose the style that best fits your feet, here are a few tips we’ve heard from our customers:
  • X and Freestyle silhouettes fit most feet comfortably.
  • For bunions, choose any toe style and adjust the side cords for comfort.  
  • For narrower feet, choose Empress (We do not carry at this time). Its webbing will hug your petite feet in place.
  • For high arches, go up a size.
  • For wide or wider feet, go up a size.   
  • For very wide feet, choose the Empress (We do not carry at this time.) style in a size up from your normal size.
  • For larger big toes, enjoy the freedom of the Empress (We do not carry at this time.) or Freestyle.
  • For feet that tend to swell throughout the day or in heat, size up one to give yourself a little extra breathing room.

Q: Are Vines adjustable?
A: Vines side cord knots give a little room to adjust the fit and hug. Loosen and slide the slip knots up and down the sides of the sandal to create your best fit. Move the back side cords backward to hug slightly looser, or forward for a snugger fit. It makes a difference...try it!

Q: Will my Vines stretch?
A: Our Vines' webbing is made with very high quality, 100% polyester cording. Because of this, your sandals won't stretch, but they will give to your foot as you move and groove.  With our webbing's fit and material, your cording shouldn't rub or blister. If your feet tend to swell throughout the day or in the heat, we suggest sizing up to give yourself that extra breathing room. 

Still not sure? Email us at bjswesternstore@yahoo.com with your questions or concerns, and we'll help you out! Or if you'd prefer to try them on, come see us!