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History of Cowboy Boots

The earliest boots were made to protect the feet and ankles, and evolved into a single unit around 1000 BC. Per Wikipedia, the Hessian soldiers thigh high boots in the 1700's that were worn during the Revolutionary War, is what inspired the Cowboy Boot. The design of the Cowboy Boot was influenced by the Vaquero (livestock herder/cowboy) from Spain in the 16th century.

The Wellington was a popular, cavalry style, boot until the 1860's. H. J. "Daddy Joe" Justin was one of the best known bootmakers from that era in American Boot History, and is one of the brands that we carry today. Per Justin Boots they were established in 1879.

According to Hankering For History, early boots were made from cowhide, and designed to protect the foot and legs of the rider. This is a direct quote: "A typical pair of cowboy boots worn by herders featured a high top or shaft to protect the lower legs and pointed toes to help guide the boot into the stirrup of the saddle. The high heel of the boots kept the feet in the stirrups while riding and were also designed for the fitting of detachable spurs."

Since those early days the Cowboy Boot has evolved into the various options we have today in the 21st century. Everything from Pointed Toe, Round Toe, Square Toe, Wide Square Toe, Walking Heel, Cowboy Heel, Block Heel, and everything in between. We can be thankful for these early designers and the footwear we enjoy today!

Listed Below are Our Boot Brands and when they were Established:
*John Deere Brand: Est. 1837
*Stetson: Est. 1865
*Justin: Est. 1879
*Lucchese: Est. 1883
*Tony Lama: Est. 1911
*Rocky: Est. 1932
*Roper: Est. 1948 (Founded)
*Double H: Est. 1955
*Dan Post: Est. Mid 1960's
*Durango: Est. 1966
*Jama Old West: Est. 1966
*Dingo: Est. Early 1970's
*Abilene: Est. 1980 (Made Exclusively in the US)
*Ferrini: Est. 1980
*Roper: Est. 1986 (Western World)
*Spring Step: Est. 1991
*Ariat: Est. 1993
*Cinch: Est. 1996
*Corral: Est. 1999
*The Original Muck Boot Company: Est. 1999
*Bogs: Est. 2002
*Twisted X: Est. 2005
*Tin Haul: Est. 2008

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